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Food styled by Ayda Robana
Ayda Robana


In celebration of her North African roots, storytelling has been an important part of her life. She loves to tell stories through food and gather loved ones around a table to enjoy a meal together. 


Ayda has combined her Tunisian background and extensive world travels to create a unique culinary experience.

Samantha Paige
"Ayda makes beautiful, thoughtful and delicious food for the soul. Every dish she brings to the table is filled not only with perfect flavor, but with love. Ayda has an inherent ability to draw out the most exquisite combinations for your palette in a simple, yet elegant manner. I am always grateful to share her food and company. In fact, her food was all I wanted to celebrate my 40th birthday at a lunch I gave for dear ones. Ayda is a gem of a chef and a human."

"Ayda's food is so comforting and nourishing that it makes me feel like I've come home. She is a true artist in her element, as each dish is created straight from her heart. The colors, textures, flavors and creativity of Ayda's food wakes up and inspires the mind, body and soul."
Kenny Osehan
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